Thursday, July 24, 2003

As a baeball fan I get asked a lot how come baseball does not have a salary cap like football & basketball. The big trade in basketball sending Latrell Sprewell to the Timberwolves, Glenn Robinson & Mark Jackson to the 76ers, Terrell Brandon to Atlanta and Keith Van Horn to the Knicks is the exact reason why salary caps are BAD. Terrell Brandon will never put on an Atlanta uniform yet, without him, this trade would never happen. In basketball it is less about trading to get a player and more about trading to get a contract. Brandon is hurt and Atlanta will be able to write off his salary for this season. Somehow, according to the "salary cap" rules, this free up his number under the cap. Go Figure. So, you're an Atlanta fan and you see these thre other teams looking like they are trying to improve yourself yet your team gets nothing out of the deal except cap space next season? I just don't get it!