Monday, July 14, 2003 it me or has the Home Run Derby really lost it's luster without the star power this year? No Barry Bonds, no Sammy Sosa, no Manny Ramirez, No Frank Thomas, no Mark McGwire. Instead we get Brett Boone, Albert Pujols & Carlos Delgado. Whoopee. I've made a point to watch the Home Run Derby each of the past few years. This year, I'll pass. I've just got other things to do and I don't feel compelled to go watch this event if the star players don't feel compelled to play in it. I can't say I blame them in theory. It is a long season and a three-day break seems like a good thing, but isn't this event really supposed to be all about the fans? After all, we do pay their enormous salaries. I know baseball is much more than a three hour a day job like a lot of people think, but they also get rewarded handsomely for those hours of preparation. To me, this should be solely about giving back to those of us who care. It should feel like an honor to be there.