Thursday, January 08, 2004

January 8, 2004. A day you should have had marked on your calendars. When the first ball is struck in Kapalua, Hawaii it officially marks the beginning on the 2004 PGA Golf season. Judging from the ride we had last year (Annika playing on the tour, the "boycott" at the Masters, Tiger NOT winning a major) it should be a great 2004. Allready we had Justin Leonard break his rib while stretching & is out 6 weeks.
It's hard to remember Tiger is only 28 years old. Has he even hit his prime yet? And how does Tiger stack up to the great Jack Nicklaus? Comparing their first eight years, Woods has a leg up on Nicklaus in almost every category: eight majors compared to seven, 39 PGA Tour victories compared to 29. Nicklaus' start had been the best in the history of the sport...But, because Tiger didn't win a major (allthough he still managed to capture "player of the Year" honors) many on the tour believe it's not the Tiger Tour anymore.