Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Speaking of video games. The new nintendo portable gaming device, the Nintendo DS (replacement for the Gameboy allthough Nintendo doesn't want you to think of it that way), is set to launch in November.

The gadget will go on sale on 21 November in the US and 2 December in Japan. Europe will see the device on sale sometime at the start of 2005.
Rival Sony is set to release its portable PSP at the end of the year. Nintendo also announced the DS will have a price tag in the US of $149.99.

The Nintendo DS has two separate screens so that players can check maps, whilst the game is being played on the other screen, for instance.
At 5.85 inches wide, 3.33 inches long, and 1.13 inches tall, the device also has a wireless range of 30 to 100ft (nine to 30m), which means that multiple users can play multiplayer games using one DS game card.
It also has a touch screen and an embedded microphone for voice recognition control, and has a chat software that lets up to 16 users chat at once.
Games will come from 100 different companies which have already agreed to develop titles for the device.