Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This Scooter problem isn't just for kids
Ok we've all read or heard a story about how kids are riding motorized scotters on sidewalks or without helmets & how dangerous this could be. But what about senior citizens? This town has become over run by Seniors with Government funded Scooters.
Stricken with arthritis, Connie Haller gave up strolling the streets of this mountain town. But when the 78-year-old woman learned that the government would buy her a motorized scooter, she gladly accepted. And so did her elderly friends. And their friends. And their friends.
Scores of scooters and motorized wheelchairs plod along busy streets to the Wal-Mart, restaurants and beauty salons. Motorists complain that they snarl traffic, and the gray-haired riders fret about the dangers of sharing the asphalt with cars and trucks.
Paintsville officials are not sure exactly how many people in town have scooters. But Haller said she knows of at least 50 in her apartment building alone.