Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New E-mail Scam Related To Presidential Election

$1.99 to vote for your favorite presidential nominee seems like a reasonable thing to do. Considering what we spend our money on, I could think of many other silly things. In reality, there is no legitimacy to this e-mail and all you are doing is giving someone in the Czech Republic your money. The thing is, it's NOT illegal in the U.S.
A junk e-mail invites people to dial a premium rate number to express their support for President George W Bush or rival John Kerry.
At first glance, the presidential election message appears to be legitimate, saying it was sent from a Lycos.com address.
But BlackSpider Technologies said it had traced some of the e-mails to a server in the Czech Republic.

The mail reads: "Fellow Citizen: The extremely jubilant crowds in Baghdad appeared to vindicate President George Bush's belief that the military action in Iraq was the right move.
"But many questions still remain over the lack of hard evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. With these tough times before us, let us know."
It goes on to ask readers if they support President Bush, prompting them to call a 900 premium rate number.
It says votes will be sent to the Bush and Kerry campaigns.
In an effort to convince people it is a genuine message, the e-mail says who commissioned the poll.
The mail adds that the calls will cost $1.99, saying this is "a little price to pay for a better democracy".

"The question is, are they breaking the law? In the UK they are, in the US they are not."
Sending unsolicited messages to personal e-mail is barred in the UK. But in the US, people have to opt out of receiving these sorts of messages.