Thursday, July 31, 2003

I was just taking a look at the 1988 LA Dodgers roster and opening day salaries. If I add them up it comes to about 15 million dollars. This team won the world series in 5 games that year over the MONSTOR BASH Oakland A's. Fifteen years later, the Dodgers payroll has increased to over 100 million dollars & they are barely in the hunt for a playoff spot (and fading). The difference? One word: Chemistry. The Dodger team put on the field for game 4 in 88 was labeled by Bob Costas as the "worst team ever to take the field in the World Series." that team went out that day and handed it to the A's. If you look at the teams which have won the Series over the years, chemistry is always a key element. Say what you want about the Yankees, but they get rid of their plagues and get good people as well as players. The D'backs last year were a prime example.