Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wow, training camps in the NFL are allready here. Seems like it was just yesterday when I was crying in my beer at Hooter's because the Bucs had just blasted my Raiders in the Super Bowl (the good news is my sister cashed in a winning ticket in Reno that she bought prior to the season with my prediction that the Bucs would win the Super Bowl...and she was kind enough to give me $150 for my efforts). Along with training camp came this question the other day from my sister...."would you spend $300 to go watch a closed Raider practice and have a chance to get some autographs." Keeping in mind my sister is a fanatic Raider fan, I tried to let her down softly. $300 to go watch a practice and "have the chance"? You better guarantee me Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Rich Gannon and a bunch of other guys for $300. This is a PRACTICE after all. These things used to be free as part of the public relations. These guys should be happy to sign autographs for fans who show up to watch practice. I know this is the team trying to make more money, but sheesh, what a rip off.