Friday, September 19, 2003

I can finally start talking about Survivor again! That is the best show ever produced! It's not the "original" reality show (that honor goes to The Real World - at least amongst reality shows as we have come to know them), but is by far still the best. The concept, execution and presentation of this show is just awesome. That said, I was disappointed with last night's opening episode. I liked it, I just didn't’ LOVE it like I have in the past. I thought they really tried to cram way too much into a 90 minute opening show. I know most of America has a short attention span, so you have to be quick-hitting, but I think Survivor has built a strong enough fan base that they could have broke this first part into two episodes. One 90-minute intro of the first two days (bartering, setting up camp, building relationships, no Jury vote)….Then started next week with a typical one hour show and the first challenge/jury.