Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Last night I watched with a heavy heart as ABC aired a special remembering John Ritter. As a big fan of comedy on TV, I wasn't the biggest John Ritter fan. His sudden death, however, struck a personal chord with me and my family. It also symbolized a move into a new era for me. At 32, I've started to see some of my boyhood idols & memories pass on. John Ritter's death symbolized the start of a time for me in which I will read more and more of these types of stories. I will be able to relate to a time when my father mourned when his heroes passed. Then, I will look at my son...and while still only three years old, he soon will start having heroes of his own. We'll argue about whose heroes were better. He'll pretend to be those heroes. And all the time I'll watch him...and smile.