Monday, September 29, 2003

"Pitcher of the Year
He's the biggest thing in goggles since Janet Evans. OK, so Eric Gagne won't come out of this amazing season with any gold medals. But if he doesn't get a Cy Young award as a souvenir, he should appeal to the Supreme Court.

What a year: 55 saves in a row -- and 63 in a row over the last 13 months (so far). Almost as many saves (55) as baserunners (60). Exactly 100 more strikeouts (137) than hits allowed (37). An insane 0.24 ERA since the All-Star break (ONE run in three months). An absurd 0.32 ERA in his save opportunities (TWO runs in 57 innings). "

In my 33 years I have never seen a more dominant performance than Eric Gagne gave this season. Probably never will again. All I can say is, "I was alive when it happened!"