Monday, October 06, 2003

A conversation I had on IM with my sister today:

jp010599: why haven't you blogged about rush limbaugh? I totally think they are blowing it wayyyyy out of proportion. I think it was terry bradshaw that said it best...He did exactly what the people who hired him what him to do....Create controversy

npthree2002: I am a Rush Limbaugh fan, but what he said was flat out wrong. They did NOT hire him to create controversy. His role on the show was to be the "educated fans" voice. He was supposed to speak for the majority of fans who listen to these guys every week and say, "what the heck are you talking about." It was actually in his contract that his political views were to remain silent.

npthree2002: Not to mention the fact that what he said was totally inaccurate.

jp010599: Well I don't know rush form one commentator to another but all I hear him say (and I heard the whole conversation) was the the guy was over rated.....I didn't pick up on anything that was racial....and in my opinion neither did any of his co workers on screen otherwise like the channel 2 guys said they should have said right then that color didn't matter. I didn't know that his political opinions were contracted to remain silent...There yes I agree with you that he is wrong. I still though you would have had this on you rblog page though....

npthree2002: Well, he said McNabb was overrated because he is black. He said the media has overrated him because they want to see a black quarterback succeed. That is a pretty offensive thing to say. If you watched NFL live on sunday this week, Tom Jackson was basically in tears because he was so mad at Rush during his speach and all 4 guys blasted Rush for what he said and basically said they are glad they never have to work with him again.

jp010599: yes I did see that..that on espn at 8 am right? I just think that regardless of right or wrong the media is making wayyyy to much of it. Those 4 guys spent over 15 minutes each having there the point where i changed th chanel

jp010599: when it comes to the media I cahnge the chanel for a lot less reasons...I will stop watching programs for some pretty simple reasons. This whole fiasco may make me not watch those 4 guys again... I'll stick with the fox team.

npthree2002: I think there is a time and place for everything. If Rush wants to talk politics or make social commentary, he has his radio show for that. On a Sports show on which he was hired to give his FOOTBALL opinions, I don't think it was necessarry & he got what he deserved.