Thursday, October 23, 2003

I've decided on Thursday's I will be posting my picks for the NFL football games that week. So far this season I am 68-34...exactly 66%. Seventy percent for the year is the goal. Feel free to let me know why I am completely crazy on some of these. All of my picks are straight up...I include point spreads in my comments as reference only.

St Louis Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh is actually favored by 1 1/2 in this game. I just can't figure that out. They have no running game and a limited passing attack. The rams are playing well & Bulger is clicking with Holt and Bruce & the Steelers - while great against the run - can;t stop the pass to save their lives! Maddox hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in his last three games while being intercepted four times. It seem sthe "magic" of last season is long gone. Rams will win this one in a route...even if it is in Pittsburgh.
My Pick: Rams 31, Steelers 13