Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A movie theatre in Manhattan has finally done it. Crossed the line of over $10 for a move. $10.25 to be exact. Officials with Loews and Regal spoke in this article about the justification for the increased prices. John McCauley, a Loews Cineplex spokesman, told CNNfn, "Loews Cineplex is dedicated to providing the best movie-going experience to our patrons with state-of-the art technology in world-class theaters. Given the richness of entertainment we offer, we feel that our tickets are priced at a fair value for everyone to enjoy the show."

My Take: $10.25 does seem like a lot for a movie...especially when you factor in the ridiculous cost of the "extras" to go along with it. If each person jsut had a coke, your talking about $14 per person for adults and $9 for kids. For a family of four to go to a movie and have a pop, your looking at $45. For a lot of people that is a very expensive trip for only 2 hours of pleasure. Most parents agree the prices for a video game for Xbox, playstation etc..., at $49.95 seems high. But when you compare that, and the hours of "entertainment" to just one movie outing...boy it seems like a bargain.