Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Peter Lewis at Cnn.com writes a story comparing Digital pictures with the "art" of photography. In the story, Richard LoPinto, vice president for SLR camera systems at Nikon Inc., says of Ansel Adams; "Far be it from me to speak on his behalf, but since I did have contact with him in earlier days, I know that he was a smart and aggressive guy. He shot with a large-format camera and had the patience to stand around waiting for hours for the perfect shot, but he also used our Nikon FM series cameras. I would like to speculate, and it's purely my personal opinion, that were he with us today he would be really taken by the technology and would be at the forefront."

"In fact," LoPinto said, "I would go so far as to say that if Rembrandt and Picasso and other great artists of the past were alive today, they would not be able to resist the idea of using digital technology. Think of Norman Rockwell. All of his art was based on photographs he made. Conversely, some of the great photographers of our time emulate the techniques of great artists," LoPinto said. "When I take portraits I like to use what you might call Rembrandt lighting, and a digital camera is a wonderful tool for experimentation."

"So, Ansel Adams, yeah, I think he'd love it,' LoPinto said.

Those are some pretty powerful statements to say some of the best artists in the world would use technology to enhance their images! I prefer to think they would not.