Friday, January 09, 2004

Some things you read and they just bring tears to your eyes. Like this story on about the way they found the three girls who were abducted jsut the other day in Georgia. Here is an excerpt of the 911 call....
Caller: "I need to know the Amber Alert license plate number."

Dispatcher: "Georgia plate 730 YFV -- Have you seen the vehicle?"

Caller: ""Just one second," he said and paused. Moments later, he spoke again. "Yeah, that's it," he said. "We're right behind it."

"Are you still with the vehicle?" the dispatcher asked the caller.

"Yes," the caller said. "We're going to follow it. He just screamed at one of the kids."

Finally, the dispatcher reported that officers were on the way and asked the man to stay on the phone until the police had them in sight. Passing mile marker 338, the lead officer said he could not find them, and the dispatcher asked the caller to turn on hazard flashers.

The caller then saw the officer. "OK, he's got us," the caller said.

"Yes, awesome," the dispatcher said, the first indication of emotion during the entire conversation.

"I'm coming up behind him," an officer reported.

For several more minutes, the radio broadcasts crackled with conversation between officers and the dispatcher, heavily sprinkled with police jargon.

Twice, the caller asked if police wanted his car to pull over, and twice the dispatcher asked him to hold on a moment.

When the dispatcher finally returned to the caller, he reported seeing six or seven police cars. When the dispatcher asked for the caller's phone number and name in case authorities needed to call him again, the line went dead.

Minutes later, Georgia police chased Jones into Tennessee and bumped his car on the first exit ramp. He spun and crashed into a pole, police said. He then shot himself in the chin before officers could reach the car, police said.

The three girls were rescued safely.