Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Press Release from Verizon:
Keller, Texas is the site where Verizon will begin the most
significant transformation in over a century in the technology we
use to carry phone calls, data and video. At a news conference later
today, we will name the city -- a fast growing community in the
Dallas - Fort Worth area -- as the first location for Verizon's
fiber to the premises (FTTP) deployment. With this effort, Verizon
becomes the first in the nation to begin a large-scale rollout of
advanced fiber-optic technology. FTTP technology enables a vast
array of new high-speed broadband services and video applications,
along with traditional voice and data services. We've begun
preparing for similar FTTP deployments elsewhere in North Texas and
in several other states. We plan to pass 1 million homes in nine
states with this new technology by the end of the year. As part of
the deployment, Verizon will open a technical support center in
Dallas for customers using our FTTP network.