Thursday, September 23, 2004

Cisco to open R&D center in China to focus on VOIP
Som einteresting quotes in this story but the one I like the most is from John Chambers himself. one of cisco's big things right now is being able to deliver Voive, Video and data in order to bring larger companies with remote sites together and make communications easier between the sites. That being said, here is the quote from Chambers, ""The success rate of my acquisitions goes down the further I get from San Jose," Chambers said, referring to the site of Cisco's corporate headquarters in California. "
Umm, John...are you sating it is hard for you to communicate with your remote locations?
Cisco is also on the hunt for investments in China, Chambers said. "We do a lot of investments in startups and we do a lot of acquisitions of startups," he said, noting that the company has already invested in six Chinese companies.
Explaining Cisco's decision to set up an R&D center in Shanghai, Chambers cited the aggressive rollout of VOIP services by Chinese telecommunications companies, strong Chinese government support and a good education system. "You all have some great universities and you're turning out some really highly talented engineers," he said.