Monday, September 27, 2004

Simulation PLays Out NHL Season
Ok, the players are on strike, but the video game isn't. According to this article one TV station is going to have a video game simulate every game of the 2004-2005 NHL season and show box scores and highlights on its broadcasts. I'll take the Sharks!
Crestfallen hockey fans worried about filling the hours during the National Hockey League's labor dispute may now have a place to turn. Beginning Oct. 13, the cable channel G4techTV plans to resurrect each of the 1,230 regular-season games listed on the league's defunct 2004-2005 schedule by setting them in motion on a video game console. All 30 teams will face off in "computer only" mode, meaning that the computer will control both teams, and the resulting scores, stats and highlights will be shown on the network's sports program, "Sweat."
G4techTV was born last spring when the cable giant Comcast acquired TechTV, a channel aimed at computer geeks, and folded it into its G4 channel, which catered to video game enthusiasts. G4techTV now bills itself as "the only 24-hour television network devoted to games, gear, gadgets and gigabytes."