Thursday, September 23, 2004

Scoble Gets Called out on Longhorn Table
A reader calls out Robert on why he isn't pushing Longhorn and telling us what we can expect from the product anymore? Twelve months ago it was "Longhorn this, Longhorn that" now there's not even a peep.
The thing is that I don't have any credibility left when it comes to Longhorn. Over the last 18 months I got out there and lead lots of Longhorn cheers. And now there's a changing of direction.
The thing is, I am super sensitive right now to making a whole new round of promises. I'd rather wait to talk until there's beta build to hand you. Why? Cause what good does it do to write about the feature set if you can't see it? And if you're a developer, you don't want to hear FUD, you wanna see working APIs.
So, I'm gonna be quiet until there's bits to hand you all to discuss. If there's a business need that you have, let's serve that in email privately. Does that make sense?