Thursday, September 16, 2004

Some research on the web about my family name history (put more here for my reference, but welcome for all to read)...

From page 6 at (the Paredes Press)
AMERICAN...SINCE THE 1800'S. Pre- Hernan Cortez, there was no-one on the main land of the 'New World' named Paredes. When the 'first' Paredes arrived, is not verifiable. There are many Paredes mentioned in the history of the new world by eminent historians like James Michener, and Americo Paredes of the University of Texas, and mentions of Paredes in Europe, including the Countess de Paredes, who was the guardian of 'Juana La Loca', the daugher of Isabella and Ferdinand, of Spain.

Another reference to a Paredes, is that of James Michener, in his book, Carribean, in which a Paredes- Ledesma, is mentioned as the Spanish Admiral who successfully defeated the first state- sponsored terrorist of the time, England's Sir Francis Drake, in and around, the Carribean.

There was a Paredes who was President of Mexico, at the time of the Mexican-American war, one Mariano de Paredes, who, after deposing Santa Ana, the self-styled "Napoleon of the West" was himself deposed a year later, and with his family moved to the northern provinces of Mexico, in and around Chihuahua.

One fact that must be understood...the "Law of Burgos" promulgated by the Spanish Crown, in answer to Queen Elizabeth I of England, and the 'Black Legend' which she started, to whip up resentment against the Spanish, by maintaining that the Spanish killed most of the Amerinds with which they came in contact, and thereby increasing interest in, and colonization to, fact, the opposite was true. The English, in only the upper N.E part of the north american continent, killed more 'Indians" than the Spanish did in all of the New World. But the Spanish Law, required that any spanish subject that fraternized with a native of the New Spain, would by law, have to marry that person, explaining the mixing, and the preponderence of Spanish names vis å vis Indian names.

The prevailing culture in all of what is now North, Central, and South America, is, and has been Spanish, including, language,customs, mores, ethics, religion, and architecture. There are 300 million +spanish- named persons in the Americas. For 300 + years, Spain ruled that part of the North American continent including Mexico, and land from Florida to California, Colorado, Nevada, as well as the islands of the Carribean. Mexico, on the other hand, ruled Texas for a period of 13 years, from 1822 - 1835.

The name, Paredes, then, is as American as Los Angeles, San Francisco, El Paso, and Las Vegas, and spanish names are part of the region's history. Spanish named men made up 1/10th of the defenders of the Alamo, and all of the attackers. As a matter of history, Mexican citizens,(some were American defectors) fought on both sides in that battle.(Only Davy Crockett's troops were not Mexican citizens.)

There have been 1,786+ persons named Paredes who have lived and died in what is now the United States, since the Civil War. THE HISTORY OF THE NAME, PAREDES. THE PAREDES NAME.According to the Historical Research Center tm, the name signifies "one who hails from Paredes." At least six places bear the name in Spain, those being Murcias de Paredes, Melo de Paredes, also in the provinces of Cuenca,Crense, Oveido, and Pontevedra. Pared, derives from the latin 'paretis' both meaning 'wall', and signifying the 'great walls' built around settlements in Spain by the Romans, when Rome ruled. There is research that holds that the Paredes, whose roots are ours, were jewish, and became 'Maranos' who fled to the 'new world'.

THE EARLIEST TREE IN THE USA. (Spanish) Paredes and French Lady come to New Spain( Most of the Americas)Their off-spring move to Sinaloa, thento the northern provinces of Chihuahua.
P.A.Paredes marries J.Ortegon Paredes El Paso, Texas 1890's. Both were living in El Paso and had been for some time.____________
Children:Girls... Amelia, Tita.Boys..Saul,Angel,Peter,Abel,Carlos.
Amelia (no children)
Tita (Freddie)Saul w/ Bea BarelaS.Oliver,
Raymond Arthur(dec)Angel w/ Herlinda(children's names N.A)
Peter w/ Helen MapulaAlice J, Peter III, Sam and David (dec)
Abel w/ JosephineAbel, Raymond Arthur, Cecilia, and Cynthia.
Carlos w/ Irene San MiguelAnn E., Carlos Jr, Sylvia and Miriam.