Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Take on the Issues at Hand

For some reason I thought I wanted to post my views on this site. Not to try and sway anyone in the election, but merely to put it out there for anyone interested. Anyone wishing to have a detailed conversation about any of them can feel free to e-mail me. I lean to the conservative/Republican side, but I definately have some values that favor the Democrats.

What I'm For:
Lower taxes
Second-to-none Military forces
Gays in the Military (anyone should be allowed to serve their country, regardless of race or sexual orientation)
National Missile Defense
Increased military spending
Opening Refuge for gas & Oil exploration/drilling
Introduce private sector competition to reduce drug costs
Adding drug benefits to Medicare
Limits on patients lawsuits against HMOs
The Patriot Act
Enforce Immigration Laws
U.N. Involvement in Iraqi reconstruction
Death Penalty
Ending Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Liability (If guns kill people that means I can blame my pencil for misspelling words)
Same sex marriage
Same Sex adoption

What I'm Against:
Big Government
Raising taxes in any way for anything that does not openly cite a way to pay them back
Abortion except in the case of rape/incest or life threatening illness
New Stem Cell research that leads to cloning
Affirmative Action
Hate Crime Legislation (all crimes are equal – they all have one motive or another, why single out hate crimes as any worse?)
Nationalized/Government Health Care