Thursday, October 14, 2004

NBA to Ban 3-pointers? Maybe

What woul dthe NBA be like without the three-pointer? probably a more up-tempo game with less one-on-one action. Currently teams hold the ball for 22 seconds then shoot a 3-pointer before the shot clock expires. It makes for BORING games. Without the three, teams would have no benefit of waiting and would try to work the ball in for a better shot.

The NBA is considering a plan to abolish the three-point shot until the end of games to increase shooting percentages and make the sport more aesthetically pleasing.The NBA may ban three-pointers until there's five minutes left in the game in its development league this season, Stu Jackson, NBA senior vice president of basketball operations, said in a telephone interview.
Banning the three-point shot until late in the game might lead to a more up-tempo style and higher shooting percentages because players would be encouraged to take shots closer to the basket. It also would stop players on fast breaks from pulling up for a shot from the three-point line instead of going for layups.