Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Shout out To the "Perfect Storm"

Anne Donovan, Seattle Storm coach, became the first female to win a major championship in any sport last night as the Storm won it's first ever WNBA championship & gave Seattle it's first championship of any kind in over 25 years. With all the talk of Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson, it was Betty Lennox, a one-time promising player who never seemd to fulfill that promise, who was named the finals MVP. I watched the entire game and was genuinely entertained by it. Considering of the four major sports (Baseball, Football, Hockey & Basketball) basketball is my least favorite, that is saying a lot. Congrats to the Storm on their "perfect" season! The team also did something the Sonics haven;t done in about two years....sodl out the Key Arena to the tune of 17,000 plus screaming fans!

SEATTLE (AP) -- Betty Lennox had two WNBA franchises fold while she was on the roster. After the Cleveland Rockers folded last year, she landed with the Seattle Storm in the dispersal draft.
Now she's the MVP of the WNBA Finals.
Lennox had another huge night, scoring 23 points to lead Seattle to its first title with a 74-60 victory over the Connecticut Sun on Tuesday night.
What happened after the game was hard for Lennox to believe.
"Not only the celebration, the award that I just got. I can't believe it,'' she said. "Me? After everything I've been through? I'm speechless right now.''
The Storm claimed the city's first major professional sports championship in 25 years, going back to the SuperSonics winning the 1979 NBA title.
Donovan is the first female coach to win a WNBA title, following Houston's Van Chancellor (1997-2000), Los Angeles' Michael Cooper (2001-02) and Detroit's Bill Laimbeer (2003).
"I think there are a lot of great women coaches out there. In order to get to the next level of respect, we have to win championships," Donovan said. "Some of the credibility issues that people are reluctant to give female coaches, this will help.''