Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wacky Bowling Records

I recently rolled a 300 game in my Thursday night Men’s Commercial league sponsored by Redhook Brewery (sounds like the beginning to one of the college bowl game… “here we are today folks getting set for the opening kickoff of the Johnson & Johnson Toilet Bowl brought to you by Bank of America.” Anyway, I was reading the “congratulations” e-mail I got from the ABC (American Bowling Congress) and there was a link to their website. I of course went there. One of the things on the website you can click on is the all-time bowling records. I’ve been bowling since I was old enough to walk & I consider myself a good bowler. My Last two sanctioned league book averages were 221 & 214. That being said, I thought some of these records were extremely incredible (both for the good and bad):

1. Highest Average All-Time (minimum 66 games): 261 (Jeff Carter)
2. Most career sanctioned 300 Games (I have 8): 79 (Jeff Carter)
3. Most 800 Series in Career (I have three): 91 (John Chacko Jr)
4. Highest 3-game series for a 5 person team: 3934 (Each bowler averaged 262.26 for three games)
5. Highest 5 person Team Game: 1413 (282.6 average per person)
6. The oldest person ever to bowl a 200 game: Mollie Marler, 101 years old
7. Most Years Bowled without an absence: 45 ½ (Henry Wilz, 1931-1976)
8. Most Games without an Error: 65 (Skang Mercurio, missed a 10-pin in the 9th frame of the 66th game)
9. Lowest game in League Play History: 2 (Mike Kappa)
10. Greatest margin between two consecutive games in league play: 213 pins (Reed Townley rolled an 87 then a 300)
11. Lowest Average Ever to Bowl a 300 Game: 117 (Roger Evans)
12. Most Consecutive Gutter Balls in League Play in one Game: 19 (Richard Caplette)
13. Most Consecutive Years bowling in the same league:76 (Clarence George 1919-1995)