Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stern to Broadcast on Satellite Radio in 2006

This will be a boon for Satellite radio. I'm not a Stern fan, but he does have a large following & many of those followers will be tuning into Satellite. That means more subscriptions and, possibly, the ultimate success of satellite radio.

Howard Stern stunned his staff, and the radio world, this morning by announcing that he's jumping to satellite radio when his Viacom contract expires in 15 months.
Stern, who has seen himself as under siege by anti-obscenity forces and the Federal Communications Commission, will have far more freedom at his new home, on Sirius Satellite Radio, and will likely bring some of his millions of fans with him.

The raunchy broadcaster has been at war with the FCC over the sexually charged content of his morning show. One of his distributors, Clear Channel, dropped him from six of its stations and later reached a nearly $2-million settlement with the FCC over indecency charges involving Stern and others.