Wednesday, October 06, 2004 clears over $100 million in tickets

Now if only I could get him to clear my speeding tickets!

Glen Bolofsky doesn't think you should necessarily have to pay your parking tickets, and he's doing something about it.
The reason the system works roughly 75 percent of the time, Bolofsky claims, and has helped clear an estimated $100 million in tickets over its 20-plus years' of operation is simple. He believes that most parking tickets are themselves, in violation. For instance, it is actually legal for most commercial vehicles to double-park while making deliveries, for up to three hours. General ignorance of such rules may be why United Parcel Service is another company that has approached the site about subscribing to its services.
"Most big cities use parking tickets as a method of generating revenue, not for creating an environment of safety for drivers and pedestrians, the reason why parking tickets were invented," he said. "If you begin looking at the actual regulations, you'll find that most tickets are not really enforceable."