Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Woman who gets Anti-Bush Message tattooed on head uses proceeds to Buy Beer

Go Figure...
Kerra Fowler is a mother of four who decided to wear her opposition to President Bush on the back of her head. She offered up on eBay her shaved skull for an anti-Bush message and received a tattoo of a large W, complete with a cowboy hat, with a red slash across it after a sympathetic buyer bid $103.50.
"One wanted 10 grand and the other, $30,000," she told The Herald-Times of Bloomington for a story Tuesday. "So I thought, that isn't right, to say you believe in something and then charge $30,000. I thought that was audacious."
Fowler did accept the money, gave half to the tattoo artist and used the rest to buy beer, pay part of a bill and buy a gift for her children.