Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What's good For the Goose......

So why is it the Democrats are all upset about this? It must be OK for a right-wing liberal to shaw a "documentary" proven to be full of lies and half-truths about the Republican President, but it's not Ok for a TV station to air a story that may or may not shed a negative light on a democrat? Hmm...sounds like typical liberal thinking to me.
At least 18 Democratic senators are seeking a federal probe of Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air an anti-Kerry film next week, just two weeks before the election, a news report said Tuesday.
The Democratic senators have asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate whether Sinclair's plan to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" is an improper use of public airwaves, The Hollywood Reporter said.
Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee said Monday it would file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the documentary is an illegal contribution of air time to President Bush's campaign, DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera told CNN/Money.

The broadcast group plans to air portions of "Stolen Honor," which is critical of Kerry's antiwar activities, without commercials on 62 of its TV stations nationwide. Twelve of those stations are in key battleground states