Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hunt From the Privacy of Your Own Home.

Now that's an idea! This guy is taking advantage of the net to allow Hunter's (aimed at targeting disabled hunters) to hunt on his ranch in Texas live via the web! What a world we live in.

A Texas company is considering letting web users use a remote-controlled rifle to shoot down deer, antelope and wild pigs.
For a small fee users will take control of a camera and rifle that they can use to spot and shoot the game animals as they roam around a 133-hectare Texas ranch.
The Live-Shot website behind the scheme already lets people practise shooting at targets via the internet.

Each remote hunting session will cost $150 with additional fees for meat processing and taxidermy work.
Species that can be shot will include barbary, Corsican and mouflon sheep, blackbuck antelope and wild pigs.
Already the Live-Shot site lets people shoot 10 rounds at paper and silhouette targets for $5.95 for each 20-minute shooting session. For further fees, users can get the target they shot and a DVD recording of their session.