Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

I Took my Brother Joey (13 yrs old), my son Ryan (4 yrs old) and my Cousins boy Nathan (8 yrs old) to see the Spongebob Movie this past weekend. It ranked 2nd at the box office Just barely behind National Treasure and just ahead of The Incredibles (Which I took my son to see last night). I was actually mildly surprised the humor wasn;t a little MORe crude than it was. Sometimes when my son is watching Spongebob on Tv I cringe a little when I hear some of the things said/done in the cartoon. I found the movie somewhat humorus and only had that "he didn't need to see/hear that" feeling a couple times (beleive me, I thought it would be much worse in a 90 minute movie). The older kids, Joey and Nathan, Both thought the movie was a little slow for them and gave it a C+ in school grade terms. My son Ryan predictibly loved it. When the movie ended he screeme dand clapped for his "heroes" Spongebob & Patrick.

As for The Incredibles, the whole family went to that one. My Wife, Marsha, Fell asleep through most of did the 9 month old (Logan). I watched the whole thing but was torturously bored through the first 45-50 minutes until it picked up a little. Of course Ryan liked the action in the last 1/2 hour. As a kids movie it was a little long (about 2 hours). The story took a long time to develop and Ryan got antsy at about the 45 minute mark. Luckily, the story picked up shortly thereafter and held his attention. this was his reward for getting a haircut so I'm glad he liked it.