Monday, December 20, 2004

Dream on - Samsung has 102-inch Plasma TV

We were at my In-laws house last night and got a peek at their newest toy...a very large flat panel TV that made me drool with envy. I've been telling my wife I want to get the new Dell Plasma TV, but now I might reconsider. I can do that since it's all a dream anyway!

Samsung Claims Largest Plasma Display
Company says it has developed a 102-inch high-definition flat screen.
Samsung SDI has developed what it claims is the world's largest PDP (plasma display panel), measuring 102 inches diagonally.

Lower Prices?
The production technology used to build the panels could potentially help to reduce prices for smaller PDPs. Rather than using a separate piece of glass for each panel it makes, the company can fabricate four 50-inch panels from a single, larger piece of glass, resulting in a lower cost per panel, Sohn says.
As well as being good for consumers, the lower prices would be a boost for electronics companies like Samsung Electronics, which has seen growing demand for
big-screen TVs, he says.