Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Version of Wacky Headlines

Preschool brawl gives Christmas spirit the heave-ho
A dispute over seats at an elementary school play erupts in a brawl that results in two arrests. Great Kills residents Venus Guerrieri, 59, and her 29-year-old son, Charles H. Balducci, are arrested on the grounds of St. Clare’s Preschool on Nelson Avenue in Great Kills after the disagreement escalates into violence that leaves one mom, the wife of a retired police officer, injured. Balducci once displayed his capacity for aggressive behavior on a popular TV show.

Mom: Toy Gun Utters Profanity
K-Mart Removes Toy From Store Shelves

A toy gun has been pulled from a store's shelves after a St. Louis woman discovered the gun apparently utters profanity when the trigger is pulled, according to a Local 6 News report.
Kim Gaiter said she bought a Burp Blaster gun for her 2-year-old son, Rico, at a K-Mart in St. Louis. However, when the toy gun is fired, instead of making a burping noise, it utters a profanity, according to the woman.
Gaiter said her son has been repeating the word everywhere that he goes, even in church.
"He goes over my parent's house, he's going to curse," Gaiter said. "What are they going to think about me, with a 2-year-old running around, saying BLEEP."
The St. Louis-area K-Mart where Gaiter said she bought the Burp Blaster gun has taken the toy of store shelves, Local 6 News reported.

Accident a 'unique experience'
A Hamilton Township man who had just purchased a 43-inch Samsung TV at Sears in Northumberland Mall had been transporting it home in the back of his pickup truck.
As the truck was traveling up a hill the rope holding the television in place released. The back gate of the pickup truck was down and the television slid out of the truck and onto the roadway. A woman driving a 1993 Buick southbound in the opposite direction struck the television with the front passenger side of her vehicle at approximately 80 km-h. When Const. Bellemare arrived on scene he said, “there were (television) parts all over the road. It was demolished.” Damage to the vehicle was approximately $2,000 and the $1,700 television was destroyed.

Neither driver was injured, but not only did the television not make it home, the owner of the set was charged with carrying an insecure load.

Oops! Film Canisters Go To Developer Filled With Cocaine
CUMBERLAND, R.I. -- A 17-year-old Lincoln, R.I., teenager thought he was giving a relative a few canisters of film to be developed. But there wasn't just film in these containers.
He's now under arrest for possession for cocaine.
"An adult female dropped off two rolls of film to be developed," said Det. Richard Champagne of the Cumberland, R.I., Police Department.
But the technician working in the film department of a Cumberland pharmacy spotted white powder in one of the containers.
"She called the police. We went by, identified the item as cocaine through a field test kit," said Champagne.
Police waited for the owner of the film to return. About an hour later an adult male came in.
"He stated he was picking the film up for somebody else and that it belonged to a male juvenile who was a family member," said Champagne.
Police said the suspect made this case a bit easier for them. One of the canisters allegedly contained cocaine, while the other one contained film of the suspect himself.
"Those kind of things happen," said Champagne. "People don't think things through. It helps out a little." The suspect is unknown to police. He will appear in family court on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

& Last but not least, we end on a good samaritan note:

Cruise Leaves Big Tip For Accident Victim
LEXINGTON, Va. -- Actor Tom Cruise left a lot of cash in a tip jar for an accident victim.
Slideshow: Cruise Leaves Big Tip For Accident Victim
Cruise walked into a Virginia Dairy Queen and saw the jar with a photo of Ashley Flint and her story.
Flint was in a go-cart accident in September. It has left her family with a mountain of hospital bills.
So Cruise left $5,000 in cash in the jar.
Flint said she would love to meet Cruise and thank him for the gift.
Cruise is in Virginia filming his new movie, "War of the Worlds."
He was accompanied by director Steven Spielberg and an entourage of about 20 others when he made the stop at the Dairy Queen.