Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Allied Telesyn wins Strategic University IP Triple Play Project

San Jose State University has just submitted a purchase order for their new Campus Village in San Jose, California. The order includes 2,500 RG-613 Residential Gateways and a full contract for ongoing Professional Services.

For this win, estimated at around $700,000, Allied Telesyn competed in a blind bid against some of the top industry players (which included home town favorite Cisco). We expect the strength of this win to put us in a good position for success in upcoming SJSU bids. In addition, it will serve as a model for additional Allied Telesyn opportunities throughout the California State University system, and other universities nationwide who are considering the benefits of IP Triple Play.

We won the project not only through the quality of our technical solution, but through the high caliber of our sales and support offering. SJSU had originally planned to install a combination of CAT 5 and coaxial cable into the new construction. By working with them for more than a year, our sales and engineering team were able to make them true believers in a complete Ethernet/IP over Fiber solution for data, voice-over-IP, and video.

The Campus Village ( will serve as a showcase for the university and also for Allied Telesyn, as we show other schools how both revenue and new student applications can be increased by installing IP Triple Play.

The Campus Village is a 15-story building with two 7-story wings. In SJSU's words: “Campus Village is a cutting-edge residential community with world-class amenities, including high-speed Internet access, video on-demand, computer lab, convenience store and an interactive gaming center.”

With 933 three- or four-bedroom apartment suites, it will house more than 2,279 students and staff. Product will begin shipping in March, and our Pro Services group will install 3-5 RGs into each suite in time for students to begin moving in on July 15.