Thursday, January 06, 2005

Warning: Do not touch chain saw blade while it is running

I've always said they wouldn;t put these warnings on products unless someone was stupid enough to have done it. that being said, here's some of the wackiest product warnings as determined by The Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, M-LAW:

5. A scooter with the warning "This product moves when used."
4. A digital thermometer with the advice "Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally."
3. An electric blender used for chopping and dicing that reminds users to "Never remove food or other items from the blades while the product is operating."
2. A three-inch bag of air used for packaging that read "Do not use this product as a toy, pillow, or flotation device."
...and the No. 1 wacky warning label of the year:
1. A toilet brush with a tag that says "Do not use for personal hygiene"