Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Just perusing some blog's I've never heard of before, I came across this post from "kristen" at Madpony.com. It is a very interesting take on a young female's perspective of baseball. Kristen is a 20-year old from Norman, OK.

8 things i have learned about baseball during the playoffs.

1. some teams in baseball are cursed. one team is cursed because they traded babe ruth and another team is cursed because they wouldn't let a goat into their game. furthermore, if these two teams play in the world series some say it could mean the coming of the apocalypse. after my lesson on the game's supernatural elements, i have officially decided that there is more drama in baseball than in daytime tv.

2. the team in the pretty colored uniforms is the home team. the team in the less pretty, solid uniforms is the away team. and sometimes this rule is broken. and if i ask about this again, i have to leave.

3. sometimes there are fights. big scary men throw big scary old bowling-ball-shaped men on the ground. that's awesome.

4. an error is when someone does something wrong, causing the other team to get a run. but sometimes a player does something wrong and it's not an error. *i will never understand this.*

5. mark prior is hot, hot, hot. hot. HOT.

6. tim, a diehard white sox fan from chicago, says we want the cubs to fail. unless they get into the world series, at which point we want the cubs to win. i can't deal with all of this changing loyalties, so i'm just going to root for the cubs.

7. sometimes cubs fans throw beer on the other team's players. cubs fans are crazy. i love them.

8. it is actually possible for a baseball game to never end, stretching on into eternity. and no, no one else thinks that's interesting, and if i mention it again, i have to leave.

anything else i should know?

go cubs. :D