Monday, October 13, 2003

MY mom and brother (who is 20 years youger than I) are in Paris on a trip with his class. I just thought I'd post an e-mail he sent. It is always fun to read things from kids (Joe will be 13 in December). It just gives you a different perspective on things (BTW, he is writing to my Step-Father):

Hi Dad! I am e-mailing you from an internet kiosk! Sorry about last night
That the phone just dropped dead we ran out of minutes, but we charged our card up and now we can call you.

Last night was fun. This hotel is alot better than the other one so it was more fun. It is also right by a train track, so this morning I went out and looked at the trains. We went to the Louvre today (a museum) we got a picture of the Mona Lisa. The real one. We also stopped by the Eiffel tower and got a group photo taken. We are going to go back to the tower this evening, we are also going discoing. I am getting presents for the girls (Tesla, Rachel, and Laurel).

We are going discoing tonight! Kareoke Baby ;) We are at a mall. Oh I forgot to tell you, we went to Notre Dame and mom paid two Euro's to let me light a candle and say (a very long) prayer to grandma. We are having a blast here in Paris. It is so fun, exept for the sculptures of naked men :( Mom says that she loves you but enough about her (she's standing right behind me heh,heh). I have to wrap this up here, because the group is calling me, call you tonight,


Your loving son,

P.S. I got a new beret, sweatshirt, I love you bye!