Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Survivor is back! Just another reason to love the Superbowl...it marks the beginning of a new Survivor series! I truely beleive this is the best show ever created. It takes peoples "true colors" and brings them out so everyone can see them.

PANAMA. Eighteen castaways, including four champions and some of the series' best personalities, will be stranded once again to compete for the million-dollar prize. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all others
(Backgrounds=Tribe Assigned To: Red=Chapera, Yellow=Saboga, Green=Mogo Mogo)

Here's the SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS castaways breakdown: four from PULAU TIGA, five from THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, three from AFRICA, two from MARQUESAS, one from THAILAND, two from THE AMAZON and one from PEARL ISLANDS PANAMA.

MARQUESAS’ Rob M. and THAILAND’S Shii Ann share the distinction of previously having been voted out the earliest. Both were ousted in the seventh episode.

Four All-Stars were Sole Survivor: Richard, Tina, Ethan and Jenna M.

The oldest All-Star is 76-year-old Rudy. The youngest is Jenna M., who is 22.

The median age of the 18 All-Stars is 37.

Some ALL-STAR tribemates have been together before. Whereas Chapera's Alicia and Amber were both on THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, there are two sets of castmates in Saboga: Jenna L. and Rudy were on PULAU TIGA; Jerri and Tina were on THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK.