Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It always has been and still is all about the money. To quote a story from
The woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape will have to discuss with prosecutors whether she will go ahead with the criminal case because she fears the release of court documents about her sex life threatens her chance of getting a fair hearing, one of her lawyers said Wednesday.
John Clune said his 20-year-old client will have to talk to prosecutors soon about that and will also consider whether to file a civil suit against the NBA star. "This young woman is not going away. Whether it proceeds criminally or civilly or both, justice is going to be had for this young woman," Clune said.

What happened is simple to explain. Katelyn Faber (Photo - faber.jpg) went to Kobe's room and had sex with him. After she was done she was ashamed of herself and felt bad about who she was (remember, this woman has tried to commit suicide twice). She then had sex with another man AFTER she had sex with Kobe...Probably her boyfriend. She broke down and told him about what had happened, he was mad and she blamed it on rape.

Then the real wheels started spinning. How can I get some money out of this. The Civil suit they will file after the criminal case is either dropped, dismissed or Kobe is found Not Guilty will be in the millions of dollars. Kobe, District Judge Terry Ruckriegle & the County this trial is taking place in will all be named in the lawsuit (since she was so wrongly harmed by the county & the judge by documents which were made public).

After a year or so of Civil filings and blah, blah, blah...There will be a couple million dollar settlement between Kobe and this woman and then she can finally write her book and ink her "made for TV" movie deal.

Oh what it is like to be young, pretty & never have to work a day in your life again!