Monday, October 25, 2004

Model Ball-girls Get Champagne Shower

Sexist or just some young women using what the Lord gave them to make ends-meat? You can decide that for for me, I know I wouldn't mind seeing this theme translated into more sports....Model Ball-girls at baseball games, Model tee-girls at football games, Model towel-girls at basketball games...well, you get the idea!

MADRID (Reuters) - A champagne-soaked celebration marked the end of a week of wolf-whistles, government complaints and media controversy for a troupe of models who made their debut as ball-girls at the Madrid Masters tennis tournament.
The women, aged 19 to 28, were drafted in to collect stray balls and hand towels to players, while wearing split skirts and skimpy tops emblazoned with the name of a sponsor.

They replaced volunteer youngsters in all the televised matches and the players, far from being frustrated by occasional slip-ups, were generally in favor -- despite complaints from government and some fans that the move was sexist.
"Tennis is not in a great position right now," said tournament champion Marat Safin, who thanked the models on court when he picked up his trophy before soaking them with champagne.