Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sox comeback takes Web by storm

Sports fans take over the internet! Well, at least for one night. It seems the national interest created by last nights playoff games caused an amazing 200% surge in web hits for Which leads you to wonder, after two game 7 series leading into the World Series, can the upcoming series be anything but a disappointment? Baseball always seems to have a way of outdoing itself, but can you top what we've allready seen?
Last night's Game 7 victory by the Boston Red Sox over their nemesis, the New York Yankees, coupled with the St. Louis Cardinals' extra-inning win against the Houston Astros to force a Game 7, made records on the Web. Major League Baseball's was the greatest beneficiary, racking up a record number of single-day page views.
On Wednesday, 8 million visitors consumed 90 million Web pages on, up 200 percent from last year's American League Championship Series Game 7, Major League Baseball said.