Friday, October 15, 2004

Pick Your Candidate By Their Toys

Interesting Idea:

...maybe it's time we all realized that -- despite all the back-and-forth jabbering -- what really divides President Bush and Senator Kerry is not their differences as statesmen. It's their differences as sportsmen.
Kerry has been photographed skiing, snowboarding, riding a bike, sailing, shooting skeet, playing ice hockey, heading a soccer ball, and, most famously, windsurfing around Nantucket Sound.
For his part, Bush has been shot running, biking, golfing, fly fishing, and bird hunting. He's not one for winter sports (there's not much snow in Texas). But he does get out on the family cigarette boat in Kennebunkport -- no doubt annoying windsurfers knocked off their boards by his wake.

Kerry talks up his hockey days at St. Paul's. Republicans say he hogged the puck.
Bush led the pep squad back at Andover. Democrats pound him for those pom-poms.
When Bush remembers running the Texas Rangers baseball team, his opponents point out that they lost more than they won. If Kerry mentions that he was a varsity soccer player at Yale, his foes note that the French are good at that game, too.

Kerry, for example, rides a Serotta bicycle. These virtually hand-made beauties are among the best road bikes made, and priced accordingly. Kerry's model runs for about $8,000.
Bush rides, too. But while his rival is road-racer, the president prefers mountain biking, further proof that these two can't agree on anything. The president's Trek 90 costs about $1,500.

Kerry got into a bit of a flap by saying he likes to crawl on his belly hunting deer, which is a tough way to bag a buck. He compounded it by saying his favorite gun is a Chinese assault rifle (picked it up in 'Nam, you know), which may or may not be illegal to own.
The president is the proud owner of a Weatherby Athena, worth about $2,000. But when it comes to hunting, Bush is no Teddy Roosevelt. Mostly he shoots birds.