Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yeager Calls 'em As He Sees 'em

I received this e-mail from a friend of mine today and thought it was worth sharing...

I've got some Emails from liberal friends today, that basically say something like... Since John Kerry's Red Sox have broken the curse and won, it is now in the bag that Kerry will win this Tuesday. Clean sweep for New England!!!
My reply...ehhh... Kerry isn't a Red Sox fan. He isn't even a *baseball* fan... not even a casual observer. When asked, about 6 weeks ago, who his favorite Red Sox player was... an easy-easy question to answer for any sort of fan at all... he came up with the name, after a long pause... Manny Ortez. lol... no such player though.
There is a David Ortiz (pronounced Orteez, not Ortez)... and a Manny Ramirez. And this isn't the only baseball related misstatement he's made. He once called Eddie Yost his favorite Red Sox player of all-time (Yost never played for the Red Sox).
There are other, more minor... baseball related errors. He's not a fan... just a politician that realizes it helps to be seen as a regular guy. You know, a Red Sox loving, duck hunting... billionaire... regular 'ol John (Forbes) Kerry. Why, he could live next door to me!
Reminds me of Jimmy Carter. As you might remember... as President, Carter use to carry a suitcase onto Air Force One. You'd see it all the time... Carter turns from the top of the stairs, right before entering the plane... and waves good-bye with his right hand, a suitcase in his left. Everyone assumed... he's carrying his own luggage onto the plane... just like I often do when traveling by air. The catch... the bag was always empty. It was a prop... just like the Red Sox are for Kerry.
Did you know, if he wins... Kerry will become the third richest President in US history. He'll be behind only JFK and Washington (who had immense property wealth). Not exactly Joe Six-pack, here.
No matter though... I think most people sense Kerry for what he is. I've honestly met no one that actually likes Kerry. His supporters, IMO, can be better described as... Bush haters. Maybe that actually helps Kerry's election chances... maybe it hurts... I don't know. But, the idea that folks see Kerry as the sort of bloke you could have a beer with... nah... that notion has sailed (wind-sailed, right off Nantucket Sound).