Monday, November 21, 2005

If Your Going to Steal Your Mom's Video Camera...

Remember to remove the tape inside the camera before you sell it.

Home Sex Tape Was Inside Mom's Video Camera Stolen, Sold By Teen Daughter
POSTED: 10:51 am PST November 21, 2005
PETERBOROUGH, Ontario -- A central Ontario teenager sold more than her mother's video camera for 200 dollars.
She didn't know a home video of her mother and her mother's boyfriend engaged in an intimate act was in the camera.
A court in Peterborough heard the mother learned the camera was missing a year ago when the boyfriend called and complained the tape was being shown around town.
The daughter, now 19, admitted she'd taken the camera from her mother's bedroom closet and sold it to a friend.
The mother called police and her daughter was charged with theft.
The daughter pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of theft, failing to attend court and two counts of breach of probation.
Lawyer Robert Beninger says his client didn't know the tape was in the camera.
The case is to return to court in January for a pre-sentence report.