Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wal-Mart Friendly Film

Theres all this talk about a film circulating which is bashing Wal-Mart. To be fair, here is the other side of the story.

Second Wal-Mart film gives other side of story
By Eric FettersHerald Writer
The movie about Wal-Mart that is currently being shown around Snohomish County isn't the only new documentary that focuses on the world's largest retailer.
"Why Wal-Mart Works: And Why That Drives Some People C-r-a-z-y," which gives a more positive view of Wal-Mart, also was released this month.
Produced, directed and financed by brothers Ron and Robert Galloway, it looks at how Wal-Mart grew to become America's biggest company and its positive effect on workers.
"If you don't have a college degree and you're unskilled labor, you have a much better chance of moving up in Wal-Mart than you do in most other companies," Ron Galloway said in a telephone interview.
He said for many critics, Wal-Mart serves as a symbol of rapid changes in the economy and suburban sprawl. However, both of those would still be present without Wal-Mart, Galloway said.
And despite negative publicity, the retailer keeps attracting shoppers. "They're so big, they can't be all bad," he said.
The movie cost the independent filmmaking brothers $85,000 to produce, Ron Galloway said. They received no financial assistance from Wal-Mart.
Though the film is available on retail shelves, "Ironically enough, Wal-Mart's not carrying it," he said.