Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Monday

Business trip to San Jose.

My son, Ryan (5 years old) has come along for the ride this trip. He did great at the airport and on the plane. We took along his DVD player and he was content the whole time. There was a little bit of anxiety as we took off, but he liked flying, overall.

After arriving in San Jose, Ryan & I jumped in a rental car (which was upgraded from an economy to a Chrysler Seabring) & drove up to see my daughter. We took her to dinner and shopping and spent a nice evening for her which ended with Ryan and Caitlin wrestling on the grass. It was great to see them play together.

After picking up my neice to watch Ryan while I am at work on Tuesday and going grocery shopping, we finally got back to the Hotel at 11 pm. The hotel room was upgraded for free to a three room, poolside, suite with a complete kitchen. That was nice!

Overall, a successfull Monday. Tuesday will be filled with meetings all day then a trip to the airport to pick up my Mom and Sister. They are flying back home from the Bouffiou family reunion in Iron Mountain, MI. I really wish we could have gone this year...my sister said there was about 225 people there. It would have been a fun trip.