Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Xbox 360 a Hit for Me

I just got back from my lunch hour (OK, three hours) where I went to my co-worker Tim's house and played the first game out of the box on his Xbox 360. He waited in line since 5 pm yesterday at the Best Buy in Lynnwood, WA to get it. He purchased the premium system, an extra controller and Madden 2006 plus Call of Duty 2. Best Buy opened it's doors at 9am. By the time he got home, showered and started hooking it up, I had crashed the doors with a couple Subway sandwiches. He had just gotten it all hooked up, we ate, then played the first game on the machine.

We chose Madden 2006. I, of course, picked the Oakland Raiders, he took the Seahawks. After falling behind 21-7, I git Moss in the end zone on a stop & Go route to pull with 7 at 21-14. I recovered a fumbled kickoff in the end zone to tie it up at 21 all right after half time. I decided now was the right time for an onside kick, which I successfully recovered. Shortly thereafter I took the lead on a bomb to Jerry Porter.

After exchanging a couple scores, the Hawks scored what appeared to be the game tieing TD with 35 seconds to go. But with the score 35-34 by buddy decided to go for two since I hadn't stopped Alexander all game. I chos ethe right gap and stuffed SA for a loss. Game over. Well, not quite. He returned the favor by recovering an onside kick of his own. After a quick strike and an incomplete pass, there was time for one more play. Darrell Jackson broke free on a slant route and appeared to be going the distance. I caught him from behind and drug him down at the three with two seconds to go on the clock. Too bad for my buddy he had already used his timeouts. Game Over. Raiders win 35-34.

The game itself was phenomenal. You could see the sweat on the players faces. The graphics were so incredible it was like watching a real football game. Of course, playing on a 55 inch plasma HDTV didn't make things any worse.

Great system/great game.