Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cheerleader kicke doff team for working at Hooters

Hooters Girl Kicked Off University Cheerleading Squad
POSTED: 8:53 am PST February 2, 2006
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -- Kimberly Sams can't be a cheerleader and a Hooters Girl.
The freshman at East Tennessee State University said she has been kicked off the cheerleading squad because of where she works.
Cheerleading coach Tammy Bartow said being a Hooters Girl isn't acceptable employment for an ETSU cheerleader.
Sams said she's 18 and should be able to work wherever she wants. Some people object to the skimpy tops and snug short-shorts worn by the Hooters waitresses. But Sams said her cheerleader outfit is more revealing and sometimes she's "more embarrassed to wear" the cheerleading skirt. She said at least at Hooters she wears pantyhose under her shorts.
Sams says her coach dismissed her from the East Tennessee State University cheerleader squad three weeks ago. She says the coach made it clear a Hooters Girl isn't welcome on the team. But the school's athletic director wouldn't say why Sams was dumped.
A spokesman for Hooters says he's not been following the case, but said "it's a black eye" if the team doesn't welcome Sams back.