Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't believe the Hype

It was advertised as "the best U.S. team ever" by NBC heading into this year's Olympics. I've got a new term for it....Most Disappointing. Unles the 2nd half of these games turns out a heck of a lot better than the first half, that monicker will stick, too.

1. Kwan filing for, and recieving, a medical exemption keeping a perfectly healthy Sarah Hughes at home, only to have to pull out because of injury (Hughes does get to skate, but her preperation has been tainted).

2. Johnny Weir missing out on a medal because he missed his bus.

3. Ohno's falling and mising out on a medal in the 1500.

4. Lindsey Jacobellis showing off and celebrating her Gold too early only to fall and take the Silver in the snowboard cross.

5. The Swedish version of "the Miricle on Ice", a 3-2 shootout loss by the U.S. Women's Hockey team to knock them out of the gold medal round.

this games will be remembered for some of it's failures more than for its successes.