Thursday, February 02, 2006

Time for my Superbowl Prediction

First, let me start by saying I live in a suburb of Seattle. I am not a fan of either team. However, my loyalty belongs to the RRRRaiders. So, that may disqualify me as knowing anything about football since the Raiders haven't played any for a few years now. That being said, here we go....I'll take Pisstburgh over Seattle by a final of 30-24.

Here's some of the reasoning: The AFC is just much, much better than the NFC. Don't believe me? How about these facts:

Seattle played 4 AFC teams, going 3-1. Loss @ Jax: 14-26Win Vs.Hou: 42-10Win @ Ten: 28-24Win Vs. Indy: 28-13 Pittsburgh played 4 NFC teams, going 4-0Win @ Green Bay: 20-10Win Vs. Chicago: 21-9Win @ Minnesota: 18-3Win Vs. Detroit: 35-21 Seattle gave up 73 points to the AFC teams while Pitt gave up 43 points to the NFC teams. Seattle scored 112 points versus the AFC teams while Pitt Scored 94 points versus the NFC teams Overall Pitt was +12 in points (73-43) – (112-94) & a +1 in wins versus the opposing league. Overall AFC playoff teams were 20-4 versus all NFC teamsOverall NFC playoff teams were 12-12 versus all AFC teams

For as good as everyone thinks Matt Hasselbeck is, and he is, remember Rothlisberger not only has a higher QB rating in the regular and postseason than Hasselbeck, but he also threw at a higher completion percentage rate, for more yards and more yards per attempt in the postseason than Hasselbeck did.

The Individual Matchups:


QB - Hasselbeck Vs. Rothlisberger: Edge - Pittsburgh
RB - Alexander vs. Parker/Bettis: Edge - Seattle
WR - D. Jackson Vs. H. Ward: Edge - Pittsburgh
WR - B. Engram Vs. A. Randle EL: Edge - Pittsburgh
TE - J. Stevens Vs. H. Miller: Edge - Pittsburgh
FB - M. Strong Vs. D. Kreider: Edge - Seattle
LT - W. Jones Vs. M. Smith: Edge - Seattle
LG - S. Hutchinson Vs. A. Faneca: Edge - Seattle
C - R. Tobeck Vs. J. Hartings: Edge - Pittsburgh
RG - C. Grey Vs. K. Simmons: Edge - Pittsburgh
RT - S. Locklear Vs. M. Starks: Edge - Seattle
Total Offense Score: Pittsburgh 6, Seattle 5

LE - B. Fisher Vs. A. Smith: Edge - Pittsburgh
LT/NT - R. Bernard Vs. C. Hampton: Edge - Pittsburgh
RT/ILB - C. Darby Vs. L. Foote: Edge - Seattle
RE - G. Wistrom Vs. K. von Oelhoffen: Edge - Seattle
LLB - L. Hill Vs. C. Haggans: Edge - Seattle
ILB/MLB - L. Totupu Vs. J. Farrior: Edge - Pittsburgh
RLB - D.D. Lewis Vs. J. Porter: Edge - Pittsburgh
LCB - A. Dyson Vs. I. Taylor: Edge - Pittsburgh
SS - M. Boulware Vs. T. Polamalu: Edge - Pittsburgh
FS - M. Manual Vs. C. Hope: Edge - Pittsburgh
RCB - M. Trufant Vs. D. Townsend: Edge - Seattle
Nickel/Dime Packages (Others): Edge - Seattle
Total Defensive Score: Pittsburgh 7, Seattle 5

Special Teams
K - J. Brown Vs. J. Reed: Edge - Seattle
P - T. Rouen Vs. C. Gardocki: Edge - Pittsburgh
KR - J. Scobey Vs. R. Colclough: Edge - Seattle
PR - Williams/Warrick Vs. A. Randle El: Edge - Pittsburgh
Kick Coverage - EVEN
Total Special Teams Score: Pittsburgh 2, Seattle 2, one tie

Total: 15-12-1 in favor of Pittsburgh

Give two football points for every point given here and you have my final score: Pittsburgh 30, Hawks 24